Adverse Effects of Sulfonylureas

What are the Adverse Effects of sulfonylureas?

Sulfonylureas are drugs used by diabetic persons to induce insulin production in the body, thus control blood sugar. It is used to treat type 2 of diabetes mellitus among patients diagnosed for the first time. Nevertheless, sulfonylurea has been discovered to have various side effects, thus leading to a reduction in its use. It is due to this reason why doctors may not prescribe this drug on most patients, especially obese patients.

Below are some of the adverse effects of sulfonylureas

Type 2 diabetesMost of the patients who use this drug for an extended period of time have developed hypoglycemia. This is a condition where the blood suffers from low sugar levels due to overproduction of insulin in the body. This is most common among patients who do not eat well or fast during their medications. However, a change in dietary plans can help take care of this.

Since sulfonylurea induces insulin production in the body, it may cause obesity on the patient.  Insulin is used to synthesize blood glucose for energy production.  This then paves way for the body to store glucose in the form of fats, as well as enhance body growth, leading to overly grown bodies. In addition to this, using this drug may cause hypersensitivity among patients. This means one will have to be very careful on foods they eat and other products.

Other greater adverse effects of sulfonylureas include blood related  infections and heat failure. These include high blood pressure due to weight gain. In addition to this, other patients have suffered from heart attacks and failure due to fats deposits in the blood circulatory system.

Although the adverse effects of sulfonylureas on its users are many, using it for a short time can save a life. Nevertheless, one should seek for alternative measures especially if the diabetes condition wasn’t chronic.