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Common Sulfonylurea Drugs

Common Sulfonylureas Drugs

Common Sulfonylurea Drugs: All You Need To Know Some common Sulfonylurea drugs are chlorpropamide sold under brand name of Diabinese, glimepiride sold under brand name Amaryl, glipizide sold under brand name Glucotrol, glyburide sold under brand name DiaBeta etc. These medicines are also available as a combination of two or more drugs. Drugs are usually […]

How do Sulfonylureas Act on the Body

Common Sulfonylureas Drugs

Though many people nowadays take sulfonylureas, not many are aware of the effects that they have on the body. Sulfonylureas are anti-diabetic drugs that help in controlling the blood sugar levels in the case of diabetes mellitus. Mostly, they are offered along some other drugs, such as thiazolidinedione or metformin, which work together to manage […]

Long term effects of sulfonylureas

Common Sulfonylureas Drugs

Medications that increase insulin output by the pancreas are called sulfonylureas. These type of drugs are often prescribed to patients with diabetes as they decrease levels of blood glucose in the body and increase insulin release from the pancreas. Chlorpropamide is a drug that has been used to increase insulin pancreas output for some time, […]

Best Sulfonylurea In Renal Failure

Sulfonylurea Medicines

What Is The Best Sulfonylurea In Renal Failure If you are currently suffering from type II diabetes, you know that this condition must be monitored very closely and carefully. It is the gateway leading to type I diabetes, a condition that will require you to have insulin injections for the rest of your life. Diabetes […]

Best Sulfonylurea For Elderly Patients

Sulfonylureas medication

Sulfonylureas  have been used for ages as a cornerstone in the management of Type 2 diabetes.  The best sulfonylureas include glipizide by Glucotrol, glyburide by Diabeta and glimepiride by Amaryl.  Primarily, sulfonylureas work through the augmentation of endogenous insulin emissions and as a result can only be used for patients who have viable B-cells. The […]

Biguanide and Sulfonylurea Medications

Sulfonylureas medication

Basics of Biguanide and Sulfonylurea Medications Health changes can produce a lot of anxiety, questions that seem to be hard to answer and uncertainty.  Finding a physician you can trust is vital in helping wade through the various treatments you may need.  Having Diabetes can be one of those conditions that can be difficult to […]

Adverse Effects of Sulfonylureas

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What are the Adverse Effects of sulfonylureas? Sulfonylureas are drugs used by diabetic persons to induce insulin production in the body, thus control blood sugar. It is used to treat type 2 of diabetes mellitus among patients diagnosed for the first time. Nevertheless, sulfonylurea has been discovered to have various side effects, thus leading to […]

What is sulfonylurea therapy

Sulfonylurea Medicines

Real essence of the Sulfonylurea Therapy As we progress into the modern world, it is not only us that evolved, but our food habits evolve with us. With the ever shortage of time, many of us prefer junk food, over anything else and this is becoming one of the biggest reasons for diabetes and the […]

Which Sulfonylurea To Choose

Sulfonylurea Medicines

Choosing the correct type of Sulfonylurea If you are struggling to control your Type-2 diabetes, then what can be more worthwhile than Sulfonylurea derivatives? These derivatives work in a simple way, by administering insulin discharge right from the beta cells situated in pancreas. Since there are, various derivatives you may get confused while deciding on […]

Sulfonylureas in Diabetes

Sulfonylureas medication

A Ray of Hope: Sulfonylureas in Diabetes Diabetes has become one of the biggest concerns for the modern world. Our changing lifestyle and food habit has not only changed our metabolism, but it has also made us prone to many diseases. The higher risk of accumulating any disease is not only restricted to adults, but […]