Sulfonylureas in Diabetes

A Ray of Hope: Sulfonylureas in Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the biggest concerns for the modern world. Our changing lifestyle and food habit has not only changed our metabolism, but it has also made us prone to many diseases. The higher risk of accumulating any disease is not only restricted to adults, but there are many children as well who have been diagnosed with critical medical conditions like diabetes. Sulfonylurea is one of those few effective drug, that gives us a fighting chance against diabetes and unlike other medications, you do not have to depend your life on it.

Sulfonylureas in diabetes have been used to medicate the patients for more than fifty years. This is especially effective for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and has been widely used and recommended by medical doctors. First introduced in 1955, sulfonylureas help to produce more of insulin by stimulating the beta cells. This drug is not recommended for the treatment of type 1 diabetes nor for those patients who have exhausted their beta cells and cannot produce anymore insulin.

sulfonylureas medicineAfter-effects and risks of Sulfonylureas

Sulfonylureas in diabetes are one of the most commonly used drugs as it has a lesser amount of risk involved compared to the other medicines. However, the use of sulfonylureas in diabetes may lead to lowering of blood pressure. This might occur due to the medication without taking proper meal. Also, with regular use of the drug, renal and cardiac as well as gastrointestinal disorders may be evident. Liver abnormalities, stomach upset may also be seen.  These oral hypoglycemic agents are generally prescribed along with other diabetic medicines and pills.

Better to be aware

Subsequent health studies on sulfonylurea has shown that, lowering of blood pressure, anemia, light sensitivity, nausea, weight gain etc. are some of the common side effects of prolonged use of the drug. However, there is no discrete answer to the question on the effect of the drug in cardiac arrest. It is always advisable for the diabetic patients to avoid the consumption of alcohol. The glucose level would otherwise not remain in control despite continued medication. Also, the medicines should be taken on a regular basis and at the same time.

Eat healthy, stay fit

There are several drugs that help to treat diabetes and more are being invented with time. But above all these, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. The proper diet and adequate rest would help to maintain the rest of the factors like blood pressure, cholesterol etc. under control. This eventually will have a positive impact on the maintenance of the blood sugar level as well. Sulfonylureas in diabetes are the tool to fight the disease but prevention is always better than cure.

Before you are planning to take sulfonylureas, it is wise to let your doctor and providers know about the other medicines that you currently taking. Also, for those people who are prone to allergy to sulfa drugs, it is better to avoid sulfonylureas. But whatever it is, these drugs should not be consumed without the doctor’s prescription.